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Sat Jul 11 at 06:00 pm EST
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In this one-day seminar we'll discuss:
1. Palumbo Nutrition 101
2. Learn to Create Contest (fat-loss) diets
3. Learn Various Diet Strategies
4. Learn to create offseason diet plans
5. Create nutritional supplement stacks
6. Create safe and effective performance-enhancing drug cycles
7. The final week of contest prep
8. "No Holds Barred Q&A" where any and all questions will be answered
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    Sat Jul 11 at 06:00 pm EST
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    2 Session(s)
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The Secrets to Becoming a Diet Guru
210 Minute Session
Sat Jul 11 at 09:00 am EST
The Secrets to Becoming a Diet Guru 2
270 Minute Session
Sat Jul 11 at 01:30 pm EST
About Creator
David Christopher "Dave" Palumbo (born February 17, 1968) is a retired American bodybuilder. He competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 1990, an NPC national competition in New York City, where he placed 6th place weighing in at 168 lbs. In just 5 years, Palumbo would gain 70 lbs and win the overall at the 1995 NPC Junior Nationals. His best placing in competition came at the 2003 NPC USA Championships where he finished 2nd place in the Super Heavyweight class. Palumbo is the former Editor-in-Chief of Muscular Development Magazine. Today, Palumbo is the CEO and Founder of and owner of Species Nutrition. Palumbo is also a contest prep coach for several NPC and IFBB bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitors. He is known for his low carb approach to preparing his athletes for competition. Palumbo is also the founder of the S.M.A.R.T. personal training certification program.